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Mini Implants

Mini dental implants are a great and affordable way to replace missing teeth in small spaces and stabilize dentures. As the name implants mini implants are smaller than regular implants. This means their placement requires less surgery and recovery is often much quicker. They are often used in places where larger implants could not fit.

The main use for mini implants is to support dentures. When teeth are lost the jaw bone shrinks over time providing less and less support for dentures. Overtime dentures start to slide and move during chewing. Often times patients start to use the sticky messy denture adhesives to help, however the problem can get to the point that patients are unable to chew or smile comfortably. If you have waited until the dentures no longer function it may be difficult to place regular implants (due to loss of bone support.) Luckily due to their small size mini implants can still be placed to stabilize the denture.

The advantages of mini implants are their small size and ease of placement. This means that often minimal incision needs to be made to place the implant. They can be placed in the same day and attached to the denture. This eliminates or shortens the need for a recovery period.

The mini implant system is also a very affordable way to support a denture or replace missing teeth. Appoint today for a consultation with Dr. Zarei to see how mini dental implants can help you.

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